ACT I: Origins

Bringing back what was lost.

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Dragon Nest Origins


General Information

Origins is currently a 60 cap private server dedicated to bringing back the classic T4 experience in PvE and PvP, but with major QoL that was always necessary.

Server Information

Exp Rates x3, MQ path recommended. 10-12h estimated to reach cap.
Max Level 60
Multi-Server Integration Europe, North America West, North America East, South East Asia, South America, and Hong Kong.
Featured Raid Green Dragon Nest Hardcore
Cap Nests Typhoon Kim Nest, Professor K Nest

Our developers are working hard on bringing you more content and customized features.
There is much more to be found,

Game Trailer

Our Mission

Origins is a classic dragon nest server dedicated to bringing players together in an active, friendly, and competitive community across the entire world.

The server was created to bring back what was lost and focus on the important aspects in which the original did not -- everything. It is the server's goal to bring the Dragon Nest community back together in all areas whether it be slaying dragons or fighting for glory in the arena.

Come and be a part of our community and register today!


This is a vintage server filled with Quality of Life updates as well as many new features to improve the game.

Origins is globally active, but is currently supporting Europe, North America West, North America East, South East Asia, and South America.

Yes, we're planning to do enough both PvE and PvP events so the game doesn't feel boring or dead.

We currently only support English language.

All dungeons have easy, normal, hard, master and abyss difficulty modes. It is not too grindy, but also not too easy. It also gets easier as your account receives bonuses for maxing out a character. Quests give more experience than they used to (main quests especially), and they also provide you a good enough starting gold to encourage doing them.

We now have Warrior, Archer, Cleric, Sorceress, and Kali. About balancing for 50cap specifically, the idea is to keep it as close as it was in official (we only provided Destroyer with a Provoke and increase slightly Physician healing capabilities). This might change in future caps as class discrimination becomes a bigger problem.

Absolutely not, costumes or cosmetics here offer no stat advantage and this will never change. Additionally, you can obtain Nest Points for clearing older cap nests and purchase cash items with them.

There will be no empty promises. Things we are capable of doing in a timely manner will happen if we say it. Things that absolutely need to be addressed will be addressed. Our pledge to you is that we are dedicated and will actually produce results that players will actually want to see and even care about. We will allocate our time and resources in order to keep players happy and maintain server success. We will never change.

"They dont really developed or worked on any feature for this game, we have our own developer who actually developing this game since cap 50, we are not a server that get cap95 files/features directly and make costumes/things cheaper. Believe if you made something on your own hands it becomes more valuable for you In this game all contents youre playing made by us developed by us not took from eyedentity we developed it with ou r hands every night we did not slept"

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